Several detained in Adana after protest against controversial governor

Several detained in Adana after protest against controversial governor

ADANA – Doğan News Agency
Several detained in Adana after protest against controversial governor

Police took under custody many protesters who chanted against Gov. Hüseyin Avni Coş and the government during a public event in the morning of Jan. 5. DHA photo

Several people were arrested in the southern city of Adana after protesting against the locality’s controversial governor Hüseyin Avni Coş during a public event on Jan. 5.

Dozens of protesters have chanted denouncing the governor who drew a huge amount of criticism after cursing at a demonstrator back in November at the celebrations marking the 92th anniversary of Adana’s liberation. 

They also denounced the government which is engulfed in a graft scandal since raids launched mid-December as part of a wide investigation.

Tension broke out at the scene after the riot police did not authorized the group to hold a protest march. Many protesters were detained and conveyed to police vehicles, Doğan news agency reported. 

CHP members quit ceremony area

Police has also used a black list to bar the entry of some of the municipality workers, the report said. 
Members from the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) left the public event after some veteran soldiers were barred from entering the ceremony area. 

A polemic figure, Coş made nationwide headlines after he less than affectionately called a protester “gavat” -- which means p*mp -- in response to a protest against him.

Although he first denied claiming that he had claiming that he had actually said the similar-sounding “kavas,” which means, “a rambler,” he then confessed that his “tongue had slipped” when put in front of irrefutable evidence. 

His act triggered outrage even from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), particularly the Parliamentary Speaker Cemil Çiçek has said that a senior bureaucrat’s use of profanity against a protester is by no means in line with the office he occupies.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan however defended the bureaucrat, although describing what he did as “inappropriate.”