Seven Gülenist suspects captured while trying to flee to Romania

Seven Gülenist suspects captured while trying to flee to Romania

Seven Gülenist suspects captured while trying to flee to Romania

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Seven people with suspected links to the movement of U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, who is believed to have orchestrated Turkey’s July 15 coup attempt, were captured in the back of a truck while they were trying to flee from Bulgaria to Romania on Oct. 17, Doğan News Agency has reported. 

The suspects including three police chiefs, one academic, one teacher and one former journalist, were captured by Bulgarian police at a custom gate in the truck which was driven by a Turkish driver and was carrying exports.

The suspects were found hiding under the materials.

The Turkish lorry driver was arrested on charges of human smuggling. 

The seven suspects, meanwhile, were deported to Turkey after giving testimonies.

After arriving in Turkey, Turkish police found that detention warrants had been issued against the suspects on multiple charges.

Police identified the suspects as dismissed police chiefs Yunus D., Abdülkadir Ç. and Uğur S., academic Yunus Hayri Y. from Malatya İsmet İnönü University, former daily Zaman Osmaniye correspondent Fethi A., dismissed science teacher Soner Ö. and Ömer Ö., who had criminal records on charges of selling drugs. 

One of the suspects, Soner Ö. was initially released by the court. However, the man was re-detained over links to the Gülenist movement on his way to Istanbul at a bus terminal in Edirne.

He was interrogated again, arrested and sent to a prison in Edirne.

After medical examinations, Ömer Ö., Yunus D., Abdülkadir Ç., Uğur S., Fethi A. and Yunus Hayri Y. were sent to regions where they were being sought. 

The arrested truck driver in Bulgaria will reportedly be deported after serving prison time, according to Bulgarian authorities.

The suspects had crossed into Bulgaria from the Kapıkule Border Gate on Oct. 12, after which they tried to cross into Romania on Oct. 14.