Senforock performs in Eskişehir

Senforock performs in Eskişehir

Senforock performs in Eskişehir

Thousands attended a concert on June 22 by Senforock, a Turkish rock band performing symphonic interpretations of local and foreign songs.     

 The concert was held in Turkey's Anatolian Eskişehir province where the municipality's symphony orchestra also participated.     

The band interpreted classics by Metallica, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, and Cem Karaca, Baris Manco, 3 Hur-el and Fikret Kizilok from the heartlands of Anatolia.     

“Today, we were accompanied by a great choir,” conductor Musa Göçmen told Anadolu Agency after the concert.     

Senforock performed Queen's We Will Rock You and Turkish classics "Donence (Solstice)", "Tamirci Çırağı (Apprentice Mechanic)", "Arapsaçı (Tangle)" and "Bir Sevmek Bin Defa Ölmek Demekmiş (Loving once means dying a thousand times)".     

Senforock, which plays a fusion of rock and classical music, made their debut in Turkey's capital Ankara before going overseas for their first international tour.     

They reached thousands of people with their concerts both at home as well as in other countries.     

Senforock has performed in every city across Turkey and in many countries including the U.S., Brazil, Argentina, Greece, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, France, Egypt, Germany and the Netherlands, Göçmen said.     

These concerts will be performed across the country in the coming days.