Security guard steals 4.8 mln euros

Security guard steals 4.8 mln euros

ADANA – Demirören News Agency
Security guard steals 4.8 mln euros

A security guard working at a bank in Turkey’s southern province of Adana has stolen 4,795,000 euros, local security sources said on June 26.

While bank security guards were carrying two money bags to a transfer vehicle on Karataş Street in Yüreğir district, one of them took the bags and ran to a nearby car waiting for him.

The other security guards ran after the car but were unable to catch the robbers.

Four suspects were detained in an immediate investigation conducted by the police, sources said.

However, the main perpetrator, an employee of a private security company, was not among the detainees.

The police are still pursuing four suspects, including the security guard, sources added.

In another operation in Adana, police found 35,500 liters of smuggled fuel.

Acting on a tip, police officers raided a warehouse in the Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone in the district of Sarıçam on June 25. The smuggled fuel was found in a tanker truck parked in the warehouse.

Two suspects were detained at the scene.