Searching for a pure existence moment

Searching for a pure existence moment

Hatice Utkan Özden - ISTANBUL
Searching for a pure existence moment

Turkish artist Kerem Ardahan believes in sudden feelings and sudden urges when he creates new work. He believes all the sudden urges of doing, making and creating come from a pure moment of existence.

“What I am searching for is a complete and absolute way of expression and this pure expression can only be found in the most primitive states of mind. This state is something that we can discover when we exist without the interference of anything, which may be defined as existing at the moment. I thought about this for a while and figured out this pure movement or existence is only possible in children. Because children exist purely at that moment without the interference of anything from outside,” he said.

Thus, works of Ardahan appears as a sudden movement, voices, behavior and feeling that come from this pure free moment.

His exhibition at Ankara’s CerModern, Hub Art Space proves how he transfers sudden reactions into artworks. That’s why he uses different materials to reflect his creativity.

“My works are a result of the sudden feelings. It all started when I heard a small child screaming like ‘super cherry turbo punch,’ which was one of my solo exhibition’s title. I heard that kid screaming like this and started to think as only a kid comes up with such a name,” he said.

Having his first solo exhibition under the title “Collective Madness,” Ardahan started to wonder about the freeing moments to come with a sudden thought. He recalls that period as looking for a proper meaning in his artworks.

“Then I came with the idea of this exhibition, titled ‘The Choir of Depths.’ I realized that I was looking for my independent voice. So, everything gathers as a whole and meant something,” he said.

Free usage of material

Ardahan’s usage of material also comes as a free-spirited act. He uses canvases and sometimes linoleum prints, and he loves to play with the material.

“I always use different kinds of material,” he said, adding that he also uses large-scaled prints to create graffiti works. So, what he does is not graffiti as we know it, but transforming his art in different scales and ways.

“Street aspires my work and me. Streets and all kinds of graffiti works inspire me and I do not hesitate to call my works as part of the underground culture and street art,” said Ardahan.

Noting that his works also carry the intuitive and free spirit that comes from his childhood, the artist added that when he paints, he tries to express himself from that intuitive side. “Immediate and sudden thoughts inspire me.”

According to the artist, his creative process is close to a kid’s creative moments. There are sudden excitements and feelings full of inspiration and aspiration supported by many different types of works of art. This is a way of expression and way of knowing himself.

Ardahan’s works and creativity help him find and discover himself. He sees depth in this creative process. All his works are kind of an inner journey, letting his inner voice to be freer and real. His creative process tells so much more about everyone’s existence and shows the viewer to discover ourselves more.

The exhibition continues until March 15.