Sean Connery refuses Alzheimer’s claims

Sean Connery refuses Alzheimer’s claims

Sean Connery refuses Alzheimer’s claims

Sean Connery, who starred in seven Bond movies between 1962 and 1983, refuses Alzheimer’s claims.

Former James Bond star, actor Sean Connery is suffering from Alzheimer’s, according to his dear friend actor Michael Caine.

Sean Connery, who celebrated his 83rd birthday on Aug. 25, is reportedly badly stricken by the illness to the point that he doesn’t know where he is or what he is taking about.

Michael Caine told German paper ‘Bild’ that “we should really be concerned.”

Reportedly, Connery carries his wife’s phone number in his pocket at all times. Should he get lost, which he reportedly does more frequently, those offering him assistance can call the number and tell Micheline Roquebrune where he is, pick him up and take him home.

Just recently, witnesses say they saw Sean Connery in New York City, with a bedazzled look on his face and acting all confused. He didn’t seem to have a clue were he was.

However, a spokesman for Connery last night refuted the claims and said Caine had been misquoted. He added: “This is truly silly and nonsense.”