Scientific researchers listed as top earners

Scientific researchers listed as top earners

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Those who work on scientific research and development projects earn the highest salaries, compared to workers in the gambling sector, who earn the least, according to data recently made public.

Average salary 51.52 liras

The average daily salary of a worker in Turkey is 51.52 Turkish Liras, data shows.

People working in fields of scientific research and development earn 134.88 liras per day. The tobacco production is the second most gainful job with workers earning 131.71 liras per day. The financial services of insurance and pension ranked third with an average daily salary of 121.72 liras.

The gambling sector contains the least gainful job as workers there earn just 33.65 liras per day. Domestic workers are the second lowest earners, with a daily salary average of 34.09 liras.