Schools to reopen in Turkey under strict virus measures

Schools to reopen in Turkey under strict virus measures

Schools to reopen in Turkey under strict virus measures

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Schools in Turkey will reopen at the end of August under strict rules laid out in a guide the country’s Health Ministry has released.

School buildings will be washed down thoroughly before the education term starts on August 31. The education facilities are required to have the necessary equipment to measure fever and masks or hand disinfectants as well as cologne, as part of the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Schools need to make necessary arrangements to allow only one person in four square meters of space. In classes, study rooms and refectories, people will be required to stand one meter apart from each other.

Pupils with symptoms of fever, cough, runny nose, diarrhea and respiratory problems will not be allowed to go to school, according to the Health Ministry’s guide.

Parents are required to strictly adhere to social distancing when they pick up and drop off pupils at schools. The Health Ministry advised that, if possible, the same parent should pick up drop off their children at schools every day and grandparents above the age of 65 should not accompany the students. Parents will not be allowed to enter the school premises.

All teachers, students, and other personnel are required to wear face masks and schools should provide masks to those who do not have one. Classrooms need to be ventilated regularly during the day.

In each school, one staff will be in charge of overseeing the implementation of the anti-virus measures and precautions taken will be announced on the school’s websites and parents will be kept informed through emails.