Schools resuming face-to-face lessons in late Aug

Schools resuming face-to-face lessons in late Aug

ANKARA- Anadolu Agency
Schools resuming face-to-face lessons in late Aug

Late this summer, Turkey is set to make up for education missed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the country's National Education Ministry said on June 3. 

The distance education program implemented during the outbreak will end on June 19 as the country enters a normalization period thanks to its success in slowing down the virus’ spread, said the ministry in a statement.

Face-to-face compensatory, supplementary, and compliance education for public educational institutions will start on Aug. 31 and will last for three weeks, and will continue throughout the academic year with additional courses, it added.

National Education Minister Ziya Selçuk also said that the distance education program will be supported by the compensation lessons.

Selçuk added that during the process, students will be provided with psychosocial support while their adaptation to school will also be monitored.

Turkey started the remote learning program on March 23 in a bid to ensure the children's right to education as schools were shut down for public safety.

Currently, multiple TV channels and websites provide students with educational content. Teachers also take online classes.