Samsun high school builds chicken coop for student

Samsun high school builds chicken coop for student

Samsun high school builds chicken coop for student

The school administration in the northern province of Samsun has built a chicken coop in the schoolyard for a student, who had to move from the western province of Sakarya to study at the prestigious science high school.

Hüseyin Berkant Tatlı, who finished junior high school in Sakarya, successfully passed the exam to enroll at Rıdvan Çelikel Fen Lisesi in the Kavak district of Samsun.

But at first he was reluctant to move to Sakarya as a boarding student because it would mean he would have to leave his six chickens behind in his hometown, which he had adopted when they were little chicks.

When he talked with his parents about his concerns, Tatlı’s family contacted the school administration in Samsun to find a solution.

The administration agreed to build a coop in the school’s yard where the student could look after his beloved chickens.

After the school administration’s favorable decision, Tatlı moved to Samsun.

Now, during breaks, Tatlı and his friends take care of the chickens and feed them. The school’s biology teacher also helps them look after the fowls.

“I am grateful to the school administration. I owe much of my success to my chickens. Thanks to my chickens, I have also made new friends,” Tatlı told state-run Anadolu Agency.

Other kids also love the idea of having chickens at the school, according to Tamer Gök, the biology teacher.

“They contribute to the productivity of the students. They are developing new ideas. They want to have more animals at the school, such as dogs, geese and cats,” he said.

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