Sailors poisoned to death on Turkish-owned ship

Sailors poisoned to death on Turkish-owned ship

Sailors poisoned to death on Turkish-owned ship

Three crew members of a Turkish-owned cargo ship were poisoned to death as the vessel was sailing off the coast of Spain, according to Turkish authorities.

Four sailors fainted during cargo tank control on Liberian-flagged ship Global Lake, belonging to the Istanbul-based Akar group.

Despite the first intervention, the captain of the ship, Ahmet Akdeniz, boatman Hasan Argındoğan and Georgian crewman Mindia Gatenadze lost their lives while another sailor is struggling to survive.

The injured sailor was evacuated by a helicopter departing from the Spanish port of Cartagena, the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs said in a statement, adding that the three dead bodies were still on board.

The directorate stated that legal actions would be taken after the ship was docked and the issue was followed with the Foreign Affairs Ministry together.

Meanwhile, the company noted that all the factors in the occurrence of the incident would be examined and the results will be shared with the public and official authorities.