Russian tour operators visit Mardin

Russian tour operators visit Mardin

Russian tour operators visit Mardin

Tour operators and tourists from Russia recently visited Mardin in southeastern Turkey, which has been dubbed “the city of civilizations.”

Mardin Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Sabahattin Genç, Özgür Gürgör, president of the Mardin Tourism and Hoteliers Association, and other officials welcomed the tourist group of 65 people.

Gürgör told reporters that four Russian delegations arrived in the city in a short period of time.

“Mardin tours are currently on sale in the Russian market online. There are also individual groups coming in. Four groups have already come. Today, around 11 tour operators and officials visited the city,” he said.

Underlining that there is high demand for Mardin from Russia, he said operators have been promoting Mardin as a" dream city" for about six months.

“We made contacts with tour operators in Russia, as we know they also pay attention to cultural tours,” he added.

Stressing that the teams were satisfied with the tour, he said online sales would make a significant contribution to the region.

Kulbarshin Omarova, a company representative from Russia, said they admired Mardin.

"We had received quite a lot of information about Mardin before. We were very curious about Mardin. We know that it has a very rich history,” Omarova said, adding she visited the city on her birthday as a gift.