Russian model falls from roof to death in Istanbul

Russian model falls from roof to death in Istanbul

Russian model falls from roof to death in Istanbul

Istanbul police have identified the woman who lost her life after falling from the roof of the hotel she was staying at as Sofia Olifrenko, a 24-year-old Russian model.

A Turkish man, identified only by the initials F.K., who is alleged to have been the last person to have seen the woman, was released after being taken into custody.

The incident took place in a hotel in the Şişli district, where Olifrenko was found lying on the ground dead. Police found out that the woman had registered the hotel under a fake name, “Alexandra V.”

“I saw her near the Greek cemetery. She was in no condition to walk,” F.K. said in his testimony, hinting that she had too much alcohol.

“We went to the hotel and slept in the room,” he said. “Then she calmly walked out the door. I followed her. She went to the roof and jumped.”

Police also reached surveillance camera footage showing Olifrenko staggering and standing with difficulty, a situation resembling F.K.’s statements.

Olifrenko’s husband, Istvan Sarkozy, who is also a model, posted a farewell message on his Instagram account, saying, “Sofia, I can’t describe in words how much you mean to me.”

“My motivation, my life engine, you were the best thing that ever happened to me. And now you’re gone forever. You abandoned me,” he stated. “Here in tears and with a broken heart. I wish you a safe journey to heaven, my dear wife.”