Robot starts serving virus patients

Robot starts serving virus patients

Robot starts serving virus patients

A robot has started to serve coronavirus patients at a hospital in Istanbul as part of the measures aimed at protecting healthcare professionals from the pandemic.

A series of tests had been run on the robot, which was jointly developed by the Istanbul University 3D Medical and Industrial Design Lab and Yıldız Technical University, before it was put in use at Istanbul University Medical School Hospital.

The robot, which is operated through an application, serves medicine, food and drinks to patients who receive coronavirus treatment at the hospital.

The use of the robot will minimize the healthcare workers’ physical contact with the patients.

“Health workers are working 24/7 and they are exposed to huge risks because of the pandemic. Healthcare workers are too falling ill,” said Leyla Türker Şener, who founded the lab.

“We were wondering how we could help them. We first focused on producing masks and then on the development of a robot which could deliver food, medicine and drinks to the patients. We developed the robot within a week,” she added.

Orders have already been placed for 10 more robots, according to Şener

“We are in contact with industrialists and our sponsors to produce 10 more robots.”

She explained that a mobile application help staff sending commands to the robot.

“We are also working to develop an advanced version equipped with a videophone system which will allow doctors and patients to communicate,” Şener said.

And she urged everyone to stay at home to protect themselves and healthcare workers.