Restrictions may be lifted after Feb 15, says expert

Restrictions may be lifted after Feb 15, says expert

Restrictions may be lifted after Feb 15, says expert

The current restriction to check the spread of COVID-19 could be lifted after Feb. 15, following the administration of the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine to the people, Professor Mustafa Necmi İlhan from the Health Ministry’s Social Sciences Board has said.

“We have observed that impact of curfews and lockdowns are pretty strong. Over the past month, the number of virus patients declined to around 1,500 from as high as 7,000,” he noted.

İlhan recalled that the government plans to roll out a massive vaccination program.

“If the first dose is injected to people on Jan. 15, the second dose will be administered 28 days later, around Feb. 15. Thus, it will be more appropriate to lift the restrictions after that date,” he said.

When curbs are in place, firstly, the number of cases declines, followed by a drop in the number of casualties, İlhan noted, adding that for this downward trend to continue, restrictions should continue.

İlhan said that he did not think New Year’s Eve would have an adverse effect on the course of the outbreak, but the figures to be released in the next couple of days would reveal what really happened.

As far as the reopening of schools is concerned, İlhan said if the number of daily cases would dip below 1,000 and the outlook improved in certain provinces, then the students could resume face-to-face education.

Meanwhile, an official letter about coronavirus vaccines was sent to 81 provinces by the General Directorate of Health Services.

There will be five vaccine injection rooms in hospitals with 50 or fewer beds, and 25 vaccine injection rooms in hospitals with 1000 or more beds, according to the letter.

The letter noted that one responsible physician would be assigned for every 10 vaccine injection rooms.

Citizens to get vaccinated will need to schedule appointments to come to hospitals.