Replica of ancient boat to sail to Spain

Replica of ancient boat to sail to Spain

Replica of ancient boat to sail to Spain

An İzmir-based historical research association made replicas of boats and water vessels believed to be nearly 3,000 years old and used in ancient times.

Having been conducting research and projects on experimental marine archaeology for about 17 years, the 360 Degree Historical Research Association rebuilt the first known boat in history, Uluburun, and the first war boats, Kybele and Phoenicia.

Association members and volunteers managed to sail from İzmir’s Foça port to France’s Marseille city in 2009 with the Kybele boat in order to revive a journey made in ancient times.

The new goal is to go to Spain by the Phoenician boat, just like its original version did nearly 3,000 years ago.

Mualla Erkut, a member of the association, said that they have been carrying out experimental archaeology projects since 2004 and that Anatolia was a significant historical deposit.

Noting that the total weight of the Foça boat, built without using any nails, is six tons, Erkut stressed that the boat was launched last year and that a trial voyage was already made.