Remote Elazığ village selling walnut sweets all over Turkey

Remote Elazığ village selling walnut sweets all over Turkey

Remote Elazığ village selling walnut sweets all over Turkey

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Walnut sweets known as “cevizli sucuk” or “orcik” are loved all over Turkey, but some of the best examples come from the eastern province of Elazığ.  Now, residents of the village of Mığı in the province have begun making a big splash with the sweet, selling it all over the country. 

The villagers have been earning income from selling the sweet and are struggling to meet the demand coming from around the country, Anadolu Agency reported Oct. 20. 

“We are trying hard to meet the demand. I’m selling the dessert to Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Bursa upon orders,” Habib Durak, a producer of the dessert, told Anadolu Agency.

Durak said she had shipped 400-500 kilograms of the dessert to places outside Elazığ.

The sweet, which can be produced until the end of October if the weather conditions are appropriate, is made from juice obtained from crushed grapes. The juice is then boiled, fermented, filtered and left to rest for a day. 

The liquid is subsequently boiled after flour and walnuts are added, becoming ready after the mixture is left to dry in the sun. 

The production process for the dessert takes a lot of time and requires patience, Durak said.

Durak said the dessert is consumed in the village during winter with tea.

Another villager, Safiye Durak, said sales of the desert had become a source of income for villagers and that they were even selling the dessert to foreign countries.

“I’m receiving special orders because the aroma of the grapes are very good. I’ve even sent it to Britain,” she told the agency.