Registrar refuses to conduct wedding after bride’s funny response

Registrar refuses to conduct wedding after bride’s funny response

Registrar refuses to conduct wedding after bride’s funny response

A registrar in the Turgutlu district of the Aegean province of Manisa refused to conduct a wedding when the bride made a joke during the service.

After a nine-year relationship, Hatice Koşman and Turgut Dinçer Güneri came together with their close ones for their matrimony.

When the registrar asked whether she took Turgut Dinçer Güneri, “to be her lawfully wedded husband,” Hatice Koşman said, “Would it be possible to say ‘no?’ Of course, I do,” in response.

Upon her response, the registrar working at the Turgutlu Municipality cancelled the ceremony.

The unfortunate couple had to head back home.

“On the way to the wedding hall, Hatice had talked about making a joke at the ceremony. She had watched videos on Youtube and had seen people make such responses,” Turgut Dinçer Güneri told daily Habertürk.

Before the ceremony, the registrar had showed them the document regarding the procedure but they could not read it properly, Güneri added.

“He cancelled the ceremony. We had 60 guests. We all begged him for 15 minutes but he was totally uncompromising. He told us Hatice had somehow used the word ‘no’ when she responded to the question,” Güneri said, adding that they would apply to book another day for the wedding ceremony.

“All the money we spent [on the wedding] went down the drain,” he said.

‘Never again’

“All I wanted to do was to make a joke. Now, I am very depressed. Of course, I will not do the same thing when we appear before the registrar again,” Koşman told the newspaper.

Ali Akça, the registrar, said he had to cancel the ceremony because they always strive to hear only those two words.

“You do not come to the wedding ceremony to say ‘no.’ It does not matter if you say ‘yes’ a thousand times afterwards. I have been doing this job for six years, it has not happened before. I am not sorry about it and I have no regrets. This is the law,” Akça said.