Rampage of violence against women

Rampage of violence against women

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Rampage of violence against women

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A man repeatedly stabbed his wife in broad daylight in the Aegean province of İzmir on Wednesday. The separated couple had coincidentally both gone to visit their two children at the orphanage in the district of Kemalpaşa where they are staying.
H.K., 29, was critically wounded in the incident, which took place on April 25 at around 11:30 a.m., and police subsequently detained her husband M.K., 35. The couple had divorced three years ago, then re-married in December 2011, but eventually began living separately again, according to reports.

During the incident police fired in the air to stop the husband from stabbing his wife, while bystanders in the area attacked M.K., who later told police he was displeased with his wife’s lifestyle. M.K. said he did not want H.K. to work, but she became employed at an entertainment venue after moving to İzmir, according to reports.
In another incident, a man began slapping and punching his wife in the Black Sea province of Zonguldak yesterday while the couple was out shopping. Bystanders attempted to intervene and calm down T.G., who fled the scene. His wife, Ö.G., was subsequently taken to a hospital, while police initiated a search for her fugitive husband.

Ö.G. had filed five complaints at the prosecutor’s office since 2009 on the grounds her husband had been subjecting her to violence. Ö.G. also claimed in her petition to the prosecutor’s office in 2011 that T.G. had threatened to kill her. T.G. was called to testify, but authorities later released him, according to reports.