Rainfall turns Ankara into giant urban pool

Rainfall turns Ankara into giant urban pool

Rainfall turns Ankara into giant urban pool

Fifteen minutes of rainfall turned Ankara into an urban pool on May 20, leaving people stuck on the roads, cars broken down and shops flooded. 

The impact of the rains, which began to pour down in the afternoon around 3:30 p.m., quickly impacted city life, causing people to become stuck in their cars and public transportation vehicles on the road in the Çankaya district.

While firefighters made an effort to save people stuck in the floods, one man saved the day by carrying people on his back.

The firefighter was praised after passersby saw him carrying children and women stuck in the cars due to the flooding.

Another firefighter, Nevzat Kaleli, was also appreciated for saving a woman and her nine-month-old baby from a car left in a giant puddle.

While many cars were left underwater in the Turkish capital after the brief rainfall, municipality workers worked for hours to clean the roads and help bring the city back to normal.