Radar in Turkey not linked to Israel’s security: NATO top commander

Radar in Turkey not linked to Israel’s security: NATO top commander

Radar in Turkey not linked to Israel’s security: NATO top commander

Breedlove spoke to Daily News columnist and CNN Türk reporter Ahu Özyurt.

Amid rising criticism from Turkey’s opposition about the possible use of the Kürecik Radar Base for Israel, NATO’s top commander clarified its mission as “strictly for European Security.”

General Philip Breedlove, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander for Europe, on a fieldtrip to the Patriot Systems based in the Gen. Ataman Garrison in Gaziantep, told CNN Türk the Kürecik Radar Base in the eastern province of Malatya is a part of the “phase-adaptive approach for Europe’s Missile Defense.”

“It is an American supplied radar that is offered to NATO to be a part of the European phase-adaptive approach Missile Defense of Europe. That is what it is there for,” Breedlove said, “Soon, you will see a radar built in Romania and another in Poland. And after that, all of these radars will be lashed together to provide for the missile defense of Europe.”

Breedlove said having more radars, not less, is the aim of the alliance and this also increases the importance of Turkey in NATO. “Even with the one here in Malatya, the ones in Poland and Romania, we need more. In fact what you see is NATO, the U.S. first, bringing four Aegis-class cruises to be stationed in Spain that will be in the Mediterranean, adding more radars.” Breedlove stressed the need for the members of the alliance, including Turkey to “bring their own radar systems all across Europe to plug in.”

Mission to Turkey is a success

General Breedlove expressed his content with the Patriot Systems based in Turkey and said having three countries, Holland, Germany, the U.S. and Turkey as a host country in this operation has taught a lot to the Alliance. “The fact that there has not been a single missile fired on Turkish soil makes this mission a complete success” he said, “But as I have talked to the commander of the Turkish Forces here, he told me about human interaction, sports games that have been held. And these things make NATO more important.”

A need for more inclusive government in Iraq

Talking about the instability in Iraq, Breedlove stressed the need for a more inclusive government in Iraq, now that the U.S. has officially pulled out. “What we all hope to see is a government in Iraq emerge that is more responsive to all religions and all sects. Then, maybe we can maybe settle the tensions down. It is in all of our interests to find a good political solution that can take care of the needs of all of the people of Iraq” Breedlove said.