Quake survivor children painting at seaside

Quake survivor children painting at seaside

Quake survivor children painting at seaside

In Mersin’s Erdemli district, a painting activity was organized in order to reduce the traumatizing effect of the earthquakes on quake survivor children.

Following the earthquakes which left Türkiye in mourning, Mersin is one of the cities that received the highest number of migrants with tens of thousands of quake survivors coming to Erdemli, a tourism district.

Within the framework of the “Umudun Rengi Mavi” (‘Blue is the color of hope’ in English) project initiated by Erdemli Municipality, painting activities are held for quake survivor families.

Artists working within the municipality, psychologists and sociologists from the municipality’s counseling center, as well as 475 volunteers support the project.

In the Erdemli Municipality Topraksu activity area, some of the children paint on canvases, while others have fun with finger painting.

Entertainers and clowns also entertain children with face painting activities.

Stating that they are trying to ensure that children are not going to be heavily traumatized by the disaster, Erdemli Mayor Mükerrem Tollu said that to make them forget their distress, the municipality is working with psychologists and sociologists in the best way possible.

As the activity area is by the sea, some quake survivor children stated that painting at the seaside with lots of their friends around has made them feel cheerful again.