Prominent school carrying out social project for kids in need

Prominent school carrying out social project for kids in need

Prominent school carrying out social project for kids in need

NUN Schools, a prominent education center located in Istanbul, continue to carry out a series of social responsibility projects aiming to bring a smile to the faces of many children in need as heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures affect the country.

In line with a campaign named “Let’s Keep Kids Warm in Winter,” which has been going on for nearly six years, products with the theme “Nature Joy at NUN” were designed by the students of the institution from the primary, middle and high schools.

With the income generated from the sales of the products whose drawings were made by the students, winter coats and clothes have been donated to a total of 628 children in need from 23 quarters in Istanbul’s Beykoz districts and five schools in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa.

In the meantime, teachers organized events to reach out to the students in village schools for visits within the scope of the project.

Fatih Nida Üye, a founding representative of the NUN Schools, said that the most important mission of NUN Schools since the first day of its establishment has been to raise students as sensitive and well-intentioned people along with their academic success.

“We work and support them to adopt and not forget the principle of being beneficial to people and nature,” Üye said, adding that they see supporting the disadvantaged children in the country as a national duty and that they raise students with this awareness.

“Every year, our students strive to reach more children in need and work enthusiastically for this good cause,” Üye noted.

Founded in 2014, NUN Schools is one of the few institutions in the country that implements a continuous international baccalaureate (IB) education at different levels. The institution recently achieved 100 percent success in IB this year.