Prison guard teaches badminton to inmates

Prison guard teaches badminton to inmates

Prison guard teaches badminton to inmates

A guard at a prison in the Central Anatolian province of Kayseri has been giving badminton lessons for 10 years under a protocol signed between the Justice Ministry and the Badminton Federation in 2006.

Mustafa Başhoroz, 45, who began badminton within the scope of the project and received a coaching certificate, has become a key name with the courses he has given in various prisons in Turkey.

Başhoroz, who currently teaches eight convicts in Kayseri Prison, stated that sports are very beneficial in terms of personal development, social and cultural activities.

“We care about badminton both physically and sportively,” he said.

Stating that the prisoners’ life qualities have changed since picking up the rackets, Başhoroz said that he realized that the prisoners had attained a more positive mood.

Prison warden Nihat Akpınar stated that the convicts in their institutions are doing sports activities especially in order to contribute to their personal and physical development.

“we would like to attend tournaments organized by the general directorate by training our convicts in the field of badminton with the contribution of a staff trained in this field. We came as the most gentlemen team from the tournament we participated in before. Our next goal is to be first in the Turkish championship,” Akpınar said.

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