Prestigious Istanbul summit enjoys broader participation

Prestigious Istanbul summit enjoys broader participation

Prestigious Istanbul summit enjoys broader participation

The number of countries being represented at the Eurasian Economic Summit in Istanbul is increasing every year.

The reputation the Marmara Group Foundation has established in the last 16 years has carried the organization and Turkey beyond the frontiers of Eurasia. The Eurasian Economic Summits are now perceived as a prestigious gathering in lands stretching from Africa to Latin America.

In broader terms, not only statesmen but the international business world and clergymen have also come to appreciate the Eurasian Economic Summits. The Catholic world, Orthodox groups, the Muslim world, Jewish community and Buddhist circles are all represented at the Eurasian Economic Summits, which also counts princes and princesses among its participants.

The group considers the incredible amount of foreign interest in and participation at the Eurasian Economic Summits, which it executes with modest means, as a sign of our state’s high esteem, not of our success as a civil society organization.

The activities that the The Marmara Group Foundation have initiated as a civilian thought organization are accepted in the international arena in the name of the existence of civilian conviction. The realization of Turkey’s EU roadmap is the Marmara Group Foundation’s ideal, its goal. There is no adequate praise for the image Turkey has presented to the world.

The roadmap Turkey has drawn has not just extended Turkey’s visibility in the Middle East, Africa and Europe but also ensured that it is perceived as a reliable, stable, economically reputable and respected country. This is of great value. The performance of the government has enabled the group to be viewed highly as a civil society in the global arena.

The Marmara Group Foundation is not just renowned for the summit but also for its intercultural dialogue efforts. The group takes its place sometimes as a partner and sometimes as a participant in activities that are being organized from the Vatican to the U.S., from Tibet to Azerbaijan and from Russia to Egypt.