Presidential palace new symbol of Republic, says Erdoğan

Presidential palace new symbol of Republic, says Erdoğan

Presidential palace new symbol of Republic, says Erdoğan

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has declared his presidential palace a “symbol” of the Turkish Republic, which marks its 92nd anniversary on Oct. 29, adding that those who tolerated having “putschists” as presidents cannot tolerate his presidency.

“From now on, the owner of the Republic is the nation itself and its symbol is the Presidential Külliye. From now on, nobody will be able to implement their ambition for tutelage by coming up in the name of the Republic, in the name of defending the Republic and with claims that the Republic has been jeopardized. This change is not only symbolic. It has a very strong infrastructure and background,” he said, speaking at a reception he hosted in honor of Republic Day.

Erdoğan prefers his gargantuan presidential palace to be called the “Presidential Külliye,” an Ottoman architectural concept that designates a complex with a central mosque and a series of ancillary buildings, such as a hospital, library and public fountain, surrounding it.

Erdoğan also spoke about the “putschist”-occupied presidential offices during the eras of military coup d’états. 

“During none of those times was this office [of the president] attacked, criticized and even insulted like it has been since Aug. 10, 2014,” Erdoğan said, referring to the date when he was elected as president by popular vote after serving as prime minister from 2003-2014.

“Now, those who have tolerated the occupation of the presidential office by putschists cannot tolerate the presence of a person who came directly by the nation’s votes to the same office -- that is to say my presence.
Because they neither concern themselves with the Republic nor need democracy nor hold respect for the public, the nation and their choices,” he said.

“Now, the Republic is actually under public’s and nation’s responsibility, not the circles of tutelage who have virtually distressed the country and the people,” Erdoğan added.