President Erdoğan extends New Year greetings

President Erdoğan extends New Year greetings

President Erdoğan extends New Year greetings

“I wish every member of our nation as well as the whole humanity a year full of peace, serenity, health and welfare in 2023,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in his new year message on Dec. 31. 

“My august nation, I greet you all from the bottom of my heart. Today, we are not only finishing one year and welcoming the new year but also entering a new era when we are leaving behind the first century of the Republic and stepping into its new century. We started the centenary commemorations of the National Struggle from Samsun in 2019. We were actually hoping to have enthusiastic commemorations at every anniversary during the four-year period in the lead-up to the centenary of the proclamation of the Republic. We had made major preparations in this context. However, we had to spend this period with simple commemorations due to Covid-19 measures. So much so that, we had to make do with messages of congratulations even at the centenary of the inauguration of the Grand National Assembly. Thank Allah, we have left behind those difficult days,' he said. 

'On October 29, 2023, we will inshallah be able to live the centenary joy of the inauguration of the Republic with enthusiasm, as we have dreamed it. The year 2023 is also the milestone of a promise we made to our nation 12 years ago. We have been working day and night to fulfil this promise of ours since the 2011 elections when we submitted for our nation’s approval our 2023 goals, one of the most ambitious democracy and development visions of our country. The incidents, which broke out right after we had announced Türkiye’s 2023 goals and have continued incessantly thus far, show, in a sense, the abundance of the centers of power we have scared through this step. From the Gezi incidents to the 17-25 security-judiciary coup attempt, both of which took place in 2013... From the PKK’s trench attacks to DAESH’s harassment of our borders... From the coup attempt on July 15, 2016 to the international sabotage targeting our economy in 2018... In addition to the multidimensional struggle we have waged in this critical period when we have come under countless attacks from all quarters, we have never backtracked on our 2023 goals, either. On the contrary; reinforcing our national unity and solidarity; expanding our anti-terror strategy towards eliminating threats at the source; burying terrorists in the trenches they dug, stamping out coup plotters; crushing economic hitmen through our own programmes; fully mobilizing our country’s means and resources to turn global crises into an opportunity; and, in short, working in solidarity and with full force, we have constantly moved forward on our path under the guidance of our 2023 goals,' he stated. 

'Economic troubles, which started late in 2021 and have continued throughout 2022, have undoubtedly upset us all. Adverse developments in the world, which could hardly withstand the global pandemic as well as the economic turmoil caused by the ensuing Russia-Ukraine war, have inevitably affected us as well. However, Türkiye’s economic model, which makes no concessions in employment and production, has been the main feature which has distinguished Türkiye in this period from the rest of the world, including developed countries. Yes, there has been a high cost of living in this country. But, anyone with conscience will acknowledge that this country, in the same period, has also reached its history’s highest level in employment rates, production capacity and exports figures. In other words, we have not abandoned or left alone our nation in the face of the high cost of living. Instead; we have increased employment and made sure that everyone has an income. We have worked to compensate for employees’ losses in welfare through high-rate rises. We have always supported industrialists and tradesmen in order to keep the wheels turning. It is thanks to our unwavering struggle and our unique political and economic policy that Türkiye can still stand tall despite all the attacks it faces and all the crises raging through the world. No one can deny the fact that Türkiye has gained the respect of all, including its perennial adversaries, with its sensible and calm stance favoring peace and restraint in international crises. While the world is struggling with energy crisis, we have distinguished ourselves with our own discoveries and our central position in international supply and trade routes. From the days when terrorist organizations’ actions targeting our cities used to be employed as an instrument of blackmail against our country, we have now come to a level where we are capable of conducting operations tens of, and even hundreds of, kilometers across our borders. Wherever we go in our country, we see hundreds of factories being built and opened, and goods being continuously transported at home and abroad,' Erdoğan added. 

'We are ending a season in tourism when we have not only made up for our losses but also have reached the highest level of revenues. You will see a similar picture in every area you look at. I would like to re-emphasize that we have finished 2022 with gains outstripping our troubles, just like the last two decades. We will inshallah launch a much greater initiative in 2023 with our Century of Türkiye vision befitting the new century of our Republic.  Our goal is no longer to rank in the top tier of the global political and economic league. Our goal is rather to obtain the political and economic strength that will put us among the very top of the top tier. We see the democracy and development infrastructure we have introduced in our country over the past 20 years as the foundation, beginning and basmala of this great initiative. In other words, we are just starting. Our goal is to make this beginning in the best and most effective manner and thus to leave our youth a country in which they can successfully realize the Century of Türkiye in conformity with our targets, dreams, civilization and historical legacy. Bidding farewell to 2022 with these feelings, I wish every member of our nation as well as the whole humanity a year full of peace, serenity, health and welfare in 2023. May Allah bless you! Stay in good health....' he said. 


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