Political parties exchange face-to-face greeting after COVID-19 restrictions

Political parties exchange face-to-face greeting after COVID-19 restrictions

Political parties exchange face-to-face greeting after COVID-19 restrictions

Political party representatives exchange greetings face to face for Eid al-Adha after two years of online greetings due to pandemic restrictions.

The delegations of Republican People’s Party (CHP), Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), HUDA PAR, Felicity Party and Great Union Party (BBP), Democratic Left Party (DSP), Democrat Party (DP), İYİ Party, Vatan Party, Motherland Party and Welfare Again Party paid a visit to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) headquarters as part of the inter-party greetings organized for the occasion of the Eid al-Adha.

Hosting the CHP delegation on July 10, AKP’s Deputy Group Chair Özlem Zengin pointed out that they would have an important election. “Let there be a fair race. Politics has gained a lot of momentum. Turkish people love politics. They prefer politics to be done face-to-face with a smile. This year will be a year in which each of us will work hard. I wish everyone good luck,” she said.

CHP Party Council Member Pınar Uzun said that it is more valuable to celebrate Eid face-to-face and that they will celebrate with 17 political parties today.

Congratulating the fest of all political parties and citizens, Uzun said, “Eids are not just calendars that interfere with the real problems of our lives like a magic wand. We will spend these days in the best way possible and take the necessary steps together from a socialist point of view.”

It is important to be a stakeholder of the People’s Alliance, the foundation of which was laid following the July 15 coup attempt, Bahadır Bumin from the MHP said visiting the AKP officials. Zengin said that the MHP’s place is different for them and that they feel the MHP family is their own. She said that they will continue to do much bigger things for Türkiye together.

The first Eid celebration at the CHP headquarters was held with the AKP delegation. The CHP delegation was chaired by Eskişehir Deputy Jale Nur Süllü, and the AKP delegation was chaired by Tekirdağ Deputy Mustafa Yel. They discussed economic problems and the CHP representative said the inflation rate is 8 percent even in countries that are at war, but the picture in Türkiye was worse.

These problems exist all over the world, the AKP lawmaker said and added, “What matters is the political will to solve these problems. Thankfully, this political will has been going on for twenty years.”