Polish travel writer allegedly raped in Turkey

Polish travel writer allegedly raped in Turkey

A Polish travel writer was allegedly raped during a trip in Istanbul after walking all the way from Georgia.

A.P., 25, arrived in Istanbul’s Çatalca distirct on Aug. 15, according to daily Milliyet’s report.

The woman, who is writing about her walking experiences on her trips, encountered a man on the road who offered to buy her lunch at a nearby restaurant, only for him to allegedly kidnap her and forcibly take her into a forested area, according to her testimony.

Gendarmerie forces found the woman at the crime scene but the assailant had escaped.

The man was found and detained after a two-day search by security forces.

The man, İ.B., alleged in his testimony that he and A.P. agreed that he would pay 200 Turkish Liras for sex, but a report from the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute said the intercourse showed the hallmarks of rape.

İ.B. was subsequently arrested.