Police use pepper gas in leftist-band concert

Police use pepper gas in leftist-band concert

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency
Police use pepper gas in leftist-band concert

Fans gather in front of the concert hall, where it was scheduled. DHA photo

Turkish police used pepper gas and pressurized water to disperse the audience of the band Grup Yorum, which is known for its strong leftist tendencies, at a concert yesterday in Istanbul’s Bağcılar district.

The concert, featuring the tagline, “Let’s develop the workers’ struggle, let’s unite and win,” was banned earlier by security forces, according to reports.

However, Grup Yorum fans gathered in front of the “Olympic Sport Hall,” where the concert had been scheduled, and intended to get in. Police used pepper gas, pressurized water and gas bombs to dispel hundreds of people.

Members of the band have faced constant harassment from authorities since the group was formed 27 years ago, with many of their musicians having spent time in jail for their political activities
Turkish police are being criticized by non-governmental organizations for their continual use of pepper gas.