PKK figure accuses HDP of political failure

PKK figure accuses HDP of political failure

PKK figure accuses HDP of political failure


A senior figure from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) on Aug. 25 accused the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) of failing to achieve aims in politics. 

“The HDP has not been sufficiently innovative and successful in politics. They make calls, but what have they achieved that they are calling on others?” Duran Kalkan, a member of the PKK’s executive committee, told Fırat News Agency, a PKK-linked news organization, according to Reuters.

He also called on PKK militants to refrain from unprovoked attacks on security forces. “Absolutely no attacks should be made against soldiers who have not embarked on an operation nor attacked guerrillas or civilians, who are uninvolved in political administration, who are simply at the border to defend their country or standing at a post,” said Kalkan.

Meanwhile, HDP spokesperson Ayhan Bilgen said on Aug. 25 they were aware of their responsibilities, speaking to reporters in a press conference in Ankara.

“We believe the HDP is aware of the responsibilities it has committed itself to. The HDP is facing the pressure of being closed down. But we have to work more to stop the blood from being shed. We believe society in Turkey will increase our credit in this election if it takes place in secure conditions,” said Bilgen when reminded of Kalkan’s remarks. 

Kalkan’s statements came after HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş called on the PKK to halt a month of violence against security forces “without ifs or buts” on Aug. 23.

“The PKK has to stop its armed attacks and bombings in the towns and the mountains without ifs or buts,” the Doğan News Agency quoted Demirtaş as saying in a speech in the western city of İzmir. 

“There is no alternative for us. More deaths of Kurds, Turks, soldiers, guerillas and police must be stopped,” said Demirtaş.

 “The government must halt operations without ifs or buts [as well],” he said.