Pink Martini in Turkey with new album

Pink Martini in Turkey with new album

Pink Martini in Turkey with new album Within the scope of a tour for their newest album “Je Dis Oui,” Pink Martini will once again be in Turkey for a single concert. The band has a great number of fans in Turkey, well-known in the country for their albums “Sympathique,” “Hang on Little Tomato,” “Hey Eugene!” “Splendor in the Grass,” “Joy to the World,” “1969,” “A Retrospective,” “Get Happy” and “Dream A Little Dream.”

Representing themselves as music archaeologists who bring together different melodies and rhythms from various parts of the world and present them in a modern form, Pink Martini’s songs have so far been used in many films from “The West Wing” to “Desperate Housewives.” 

A surprise for Turkish fans; the band performs the famous classical Turkish song “Aşkım Bahardı” in the new album. 

Organized by Pasion Turca, the concert will take place on April 15 at Istanbul’s Volkswagen Arena. 

Speaking to Pasion Turca, Pink Martini answered some of their questions:   

How could you describe the music of Pink Martini?  

We have a global sound; we love to discover different cultures and we learn new stories and try to reach a wider audience. We have a taste for some vintage and old Hollywood style too. But the most important thing is that we really still enjoy being on stage and love what we do.

You sing in different languages, but what are your preferences when you perform on stage?

Melody is the most important element for us when we choose our songs. The lyrics and the story of the song are also helpful to make a song a part of our repertoire.

Are you still involved in social causes through your music?

We are so lucky because so far we played with so many prestigious symphony orchestras all around the world. We don’t have much time to get involved in social causes during this period except the U.S., because we perform there around 150 days in a year and we’ve travelled to almost every continent. 

The album also features guest vocals Ari Shapiro, fashion guru Ikram Goldman, civil rights activists Kathleen Saadat and singer Rufus Wainwright. 

How was the experience singing with them?

I like collaborating with people who are entirely different. We met and had so much fun with them. And then we recorded the “Je Dis Oui” album with them. I think it was a great repertoire.

Which country do you feel more welcomed?

We love to travel together and we are just like a very big crowded family so experiencing new cultures altogether is really amazing. We meet new people, we experience different cultures, we learn new stories and we love it. There are so many countries where we love to have concerts. Of course we enjoy Turkey a lot.

The political scene in the world is not quite bright these years. What are five words that can describe this situation?

We always try to be optimistic as much as we can. So all I can say is that we need more empathy, no discrimination, but toleration, hope and love for a better world. 

Istanbul has been waiting for this concert, how do you feel about performing again in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in our tour. We really liked the food over here.  You can expect some traditional and new songs in our new album “Je Dis Oui.” You are going to enjoy all of Pink Martini’s pieces.