Photo journalists receive awards of 2011 competition

Photo journalists receive awards of 2011 competition

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Photo journalists receive awards of 2011 competition

Reuters photographer Ümit Bektaş, recieves his award from President Abdullah Gül. His photograpah shows Yunus Geray, an 13 year-old a victim of Van earthquake.

Organized by Turkey Photo Journalists Association (TFMD), the “Vakıfbank-TFMD Journalism Photography Competition,” has concluded with an award ceremony.

President Abdullah Gül attended to the ceremony, as well as Parliamentary Speaker Cemil Çiçek and European Union Minister Egemen Bağış.

Gül visited the exhibition area and looked at the photographs displayed, saying that the saddest photographs were the photographs of Van.

“The saddest photograph is that showing the children we lost during the Van earthquake. All photo journalists also live that sadness when they shoot such photographs,” said Gül.

The award ceremony continued with a Gökhan Kırdar concert. The big award of the competition “The Photo of the Year,” as well as “The Journalism Photo of the Year,” went to Reuters photo journalist Ümit Bektaş, who photographed 13 year old Yunus Geray, who died in the Van earthquake.

Bektaş received his award from President Gül during the ceremony. Gül also sent his condolences to Yunus’ family.

Gül said the photo was very sad, adding: “We hope to see these scenes no more … In fact, there is nothing more to say when we look at those photographs.”

Altan Burgucu from daily Milliyet and Bünyamin Aygün, also from Milliyet, also got the “Photo of the Year” awards.

“Sport Photo of the Year” went jointly to Vedat Yangın from daily Star and Fehim Kayacan also from Milliyet.

“Political Photo of the Year” went jointly to Kayhan Özer from Anatolia News Agency, and Hasan Tüfekçi and Volkan Yıldırım from daily Hürriyet.

“Photo journalism means catching the most interesting moment of an event,” said Gül, congratulating all photo journalists. Speaking after Gül, Cemil Çiçek said: “We do not need long sentences when there is good photography, because the message has already been given through the photo.”