Partial lunar eclipse observed across Turkey

Partial lunar eclipse observed across Turkey

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency
Partial lunar eclipse observed across Turkey

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A partial lunar eclipse was observed across Turkey on Aug. 7. The eclipse started at 6:48 p.m. and ended at 11:53 p.m.

People who were curious about this celestial incident watched the fascinating eclipse for almost two hours.

The eclipse was also observed from Australia, Antarctica, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, parts of South America, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and south of the Atlantic Ocean.

Twenty-five percent of the moon, located at its lower portion, was darkened due to the eclipse.

The eclipse could be observed clearly with the naked eye across Turkey, especially from its southern provinces.

One of the locals who witnessed the eclipse, 50-year-old Selin Özkan, described it as “magnificent.”

“These kinds of natural events do not occur every day. We enjoyed witnessing such a magnificent natural event,” she said.

Many social media users shared impressive photographs of the eclipse.