Parliament Speaker Çiçek accuses weapon providers for turmoil

Parliament Speaker Çiçek accuses weapon providers for turmoil

Parliament Speaker Çiçek accuses weapon providers for turmoil

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Parliament Speaker Cemil Çiçek has placed the blame for the turmoil in the Middle East on those who provided weapons exacerbating the conflict, during a meeting with his Kuwaiti counterpart Merzuk Ali el-Gaim. Çiçek also took the opportunity to elaborate on the current situation in the region.

“Someone gives them the weapons, someone else gives them the technology, and then Muslims kill each other. They also give the technology to those who wish to come together and discuss peace. Are we, the Muslim world, so foolish? Why do we always fall for the games of others?” Çiçek asked.

Çiçek also voiced strong opinions on the Syrian government, seemingly a recurrent habit of the government officials, saying, “In the same way, we cannot allow the suppression of people through state-terrorism. Let alone the use of chemical weapons to kill children, youths, women, and the elderly without any reserve, such savagery, such a massacre, this cannot be allowed. “

Reflecting on a more general level about the state of affairs in the region, Çiçek was critical of deadly violence occurring between Muslims. “There is something wrong somewhere. Even if their interpretations of religion are different, neither Allah nor the Prophet nor human conscience will allow them to slaughter each other. This savagery in the Islamic world sends a different image of Islam abroad. Why does so much savagery, murder, and inhuman behavior happen in the Islamic geography?” he said. “There is almost no Islamic country where there is no savagery,” Çiçek affirmed.

Noting that the developments in the region were putting Turkey at risk, Çiçek stated, “As Turkey, our position is clear. Both today and in the past. Firstly, we want the sovereignty of countries. Secondly, we want territorial integrity. We do not want to change the borders of the Middle East. We do not wish to divide anything for any reason.”