Ottoman castle in Kosovo collapses

Ottoman castle in Kosovo collapses

KOSOVO – Doğan News Agency
Ottoman castle in Kosovo collapses Some parts of Prizren Castle, one of the most important historical sites in the Balkans, have collapsed despite the recent donation of funds to restore the structure.

A 10-meter part of the façade of the castle, which was used by the Ottomans during their reign in the Balkans for 500 years, recently collapsed.

The U.S. Embassy in Kosovo last year donated $700,000 for the restoration of the historical castle.
Kosovo’s Cultural Heritage Directorate said the reason for the collapse would be investigated, with Cultural Heritage Regional Director Samir Hoxha announcing that experts had begun to assess the damage.

Officials said that restoration on the collapsed section had begun in 2008 but that the works had not yet finished.

The history of the castle, located in the southern city of Prizren, which has a high Turkish population, dates back to the Roman era. The historical castle was extended during the Ottoman era and served the empire for 500 years.

Overlooking Prizren, the castle includes many inns, bathes and mosques.

German soldiers were deployed at the castle for many years after NATO soldiers entered Kosovo in 1999. The U.S. Embassy in Kosovo also restored the historical Bayraklı Library a few years ago.