Operation pistachio…

Operation pistachio…

It appears that within the next few weeks, perhaps even as early as by the end of this year, the “Arab Spring” will take dimensions of a full “operation pistachio” and an international alliance will start “helping out” the “reformists” in our next door neighbor by carpet-bombing whatever appears might have been a Baathist building or a military installation.

I must say I was relieved reading the headline of an article over the weekend by Daily News Editor Murat Yetkin that Turkey not only “decided” to stay away; the headline read: “Turkey against Syria military intervention”

However, in between the lines of the article, there was a not so well hidden declaration that Turkey was not indeed that much against a military intervention. On the contrary, it was apparent that Turkey was pretty prepared to engage in Syria, should the regime “implode” or use brutal force on civilians in cities close to Turkey, making hundreds of thousands of Syrians seek refuge in Turkey. While Ankara decided not to engage in a war on Syria; yet she would occupy a belt along the border with Syria to establish a “buffer zone” to keep the refugees on Syrian territory. Lastly, should the Security Council decide – with Russia and China saying “Yes” as well – for intervention in Syria, Turkey would participate. What a principled foreign policy?

On the other hand, talking to the media on a tour of the far east, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made some hilarious statements revealing the details of the “Operation pistachio” [I am using this because Damascus is famous for its pistachio apart from the current unrest].

What were those details?

First, Hillary admitted that the Syria operation has been contracted to Turkey and the Arab League. With the U.S.-led international coalition helping them from a distance, in any way possible, Turkey and the Arab League would build pressure on Syria, help organize the opposition and undertake whatever covert operation which might be required to “implode” the Syrian regime.

Secondly, should the U.S.-led “coalition of the willing” receive a U.N. mandate and intervene in Syria, Turkey will be the launching pad. Anyhow, why the U.S. generously accepted Turkey’s requests and deployed Predators at the İncirlik Air Base? Were they deployed to help out Turkey’s war against the PKK or as a preparation for future attacks on Syrian – and probably – Iranian targets?

This country was so mad about NATO plans on the use of force on Libya that the absolute ruler was yelling with all capacity of his lungs: “What the hell will NATO do in Libya?” Then, he was assigned the “supporting role” and dispatched ships to protect the “joint operation” on Libya and $300 million to help finance the “rebels” it was condemning just few days before. The Libyan leader was a “naughty friend” but soon people who proved how barbaric they were by brutally lynching the former leader, became the trusted new friends. Just yesterday, Syrian leader was “dear brother” that the absolute ruler and his clan trusted so wholeheartedly that they were having joint cabinet meetings and even went to the extent of waiving visa requirement in travel between the two states.

From “zero problems with neighbors” policy Turkey has come to the “zero friends” era - but, nothing personal in what’s happening, just a matter of fulfilling contract obligations.