Ignorant and at the same time selfish

Ignorant and at the same time selfish

Whenever I raise my head and take a look at the television, I always see a story of another murdered woman in İzmir, Bursa, Istanbul, Gaziantep, Batman, Giresun, Uşak, Antalya, Ağrı or Kayseri…

There is a photo of a female on the screen and the news ticker below always has the same phrases: “Killed by ex-boyfriend when she refused to get back together with him,” “Killed by husband she wanted to divorce,” “Ex-husband/ex-boyfriend took her life.”

They use guns, hunting rifles, saws and axes. The spectrum of murder weapons used is very wide. Axes are very popular these days; let’s not get into that.

For anybody in our country who watches television, reads the newspapers or roams the Internet, it is impossible for that person not to be aware of female murders. Anybody who is concerned about the murder of women and who is worried about them should know husbands, ex-husbands, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, who kill their wives, take advantage of “aggravated provocation” by saying, “My wife swore at me, she hurt my pride as a man.” Or they manage to obtain a doctor’s report citing they have mental health problems and then are not sentenced at all… 

Claiming his wife was “wearing a miniskirt and swaying her hips” becomes “unjust provocation” and a reason for a reduced sentence… They take advantage of a reduced sentence because they are a university student or work at a department that is useful for the country (What use can a murderer be to a country, that’s another question...)

That, because he looked very apologetic, that he buttoned his jacket in front of the judge, that he uttered a fake “I regret what I have done,” that he started every sentence with a “sir,” his sentence is reduced because of “good conduct…”

That they easily took the lives of these women because they had Googled beforehand after learning that they would serve a maximum of five or 10 years in prison…

That many of them make the murders appear as suicides, the inadequacy of expert reports, that the majority of judges fail to consider them “premeditated murder…”

In the country where each month dozens of women, sometimes three women a day are killed, only until two years ago officials used to utter sentences of denial, such as: “Murdered women are isolated incidents.” 

And despite the seriousness of the situation, our MALE Parliament, still, does nothing so that female murderers receive a sentence of life imprisonment.

Now, anybody who lives in this country cannot “not know” all of this…

In short, either talk-show host/singer, Seda Sayan, who hosted a double murderer (he killed two of his five wives) in her program, is either from Mars or she does not care a bit about women who are at risk of being murdered, who have been attacked or who have been murdered.

For the sake of ratings, for a “screen success,” she is ready to take the opportunity and sacrifice, without hesitation, the oppressed and the victim. She rekindles the fire inside the families who have lost their daughters, siblings who have lost half of their hearts and children who have lost their mothers.

Most dangerous of all, she is encouraging potential killers.

When somebody points these out to her, she starts yelling: “Who are you? I am Seda Sayan. I will make you regret this!”

This is the classic discourse resorted to by any person in this country who assumes himself/herself powerful, who has a big-small group following him/her.

Fortunately, these threats do not work on other strong women, in Sayan’s words: “Anacım” (oh, mommy).

As much valuable as these women and men are in this MALE world and country, those who are supporting the women’s cause, who understand it, while those women who hamper this cause are as just as harmful…

Is it ignorance, or is it selfishness, I do not know.

Maybe it is the blend of both.

Once a person is alienated from her own self and from the society she lives in, that is, folks, the worst of all…