Charitable motorcycle enthusiast dedicates life to making children smile

Charitable motorcycle enthusiast dedicates life to making children smile

İlker Kül has three passions: Children, motorbikes and photography.

When he combines the three, he creates some amazing work. He jumps on his motorcycle and travels to Anatolian village schools to bring aid to kids who are studying despite their financial difficulties.

He also creates funds for them through his photography.

Kül worked in the automotive sector for many years. He pursued photography as a hobby alongside his day job.

He organized educational camps for children in his free time.

Finally, he has brought all his passions together.

Kül hopes to help children’s educational needs and ease their difficult life conditions as much he can – and it has touched the lives of thousands of children.

The name of the project? A thousand motorcyclists, a thousand children.

Kül initially tried to combine keeping his day job with working on his project, then decided to devote all his time to the project. He ended his corporate life in 2017, left his apartment and began a life in which he would dedicate himself to children.

He travels hundreds of kilometers every day.

He stays with supporters or friends in the places he visits.

Even before Kül began devoting his entire life to the project, he accomplished many things between 2011 and 2016.

He organized a children’s camp in Istanbul’s Şile Coast and two concerts, the benefits of which were passed onto the children. He collected computers for 13 village schools, helped a physical education teacher in the eastern province of Kars to build a climbing wall and organized a tour on the Bosphorus in Istanbul to give children living in poverty a chance to spot dolphins.

Kül, who brought support kits to 158 schools over six years, expanded his dream in 2017 with the aim of reaching “a thousand kids each year.”

He aspires to visit even more village schools, make even more children smile.

His goal is to bring a thousand kids support kits by travelling 50,000 kilometers each year on his motorcycle.

Kül organizes a photography event every month in different cities.

He uses what he earns from these events to fund more support kits. He has built libraries in schools he has visited and donated books.

In order to spend quality time with the children, he went to yoga classes and began doing yoga with the children.

In 2017, Kül gave 1,069 children gifts. He currently has funds for 221 more children in the bank. He will give them to the children by the beginning of February.

Kül needs constant support to pay for his fuel and food as he reaches out to even more children with his project.

Those who would like to support the project can make donations to his sponsor Ercanlar Stationery.

Kül has abandoned his old life to devote himself to driving across Turkey to make children smile.

If we support him, even more children will smile.