The man who jumped off the bridge

The man who jumped off the bridge

A man jumped off a bridge and some newspapers reported: “Traffic is jammed on the Bosphorus Bridge again.”

A person who works in the newsroom of a TV station tweeted: “To the idiot who jumped off the Bosphorus Bridge: Where are you going with the rights of all these people? Traffic is jammed...”
A man jumped off a bridge.

The police officer who was sent to prevent the suicide took a “selfie” in front of the man instead. Yeni Şafak newspaper, after emphasizing the reaction against the “selfie” on social media, published this headline: “Selfie with a suicide activist...”

“Suicide activist...”

Do the reporter who called the man who jumped off the bridge an “idiot” and the police officer who took a selfie with him belong to the same minority of people suffering from “a rare case of remorselessness?” I wish I could believe and support this view.

However, I remember a young man who was about to jump to his death in Mecidiyeköy five years ago. I remember a girl in Bilecik who was ready to let herself drop into the abyss, and I remember the shocking sentence I read in both of those news items:

“People who gathered downstairs chanted: ‘Jump, jump...’”

Meanwhile, a guy got married five times. He murdered two of his wives. He was kicked off a “marriage show” that he was appearing on to find someone else to marry. Seda Sayan, a popular media personality, invited the murderer of two women onto her show. There was a lot of criticism. “You invited a murderer on air just for ratings,” said the son of one of the women he murdered on the phone during the show. Sayan responded: “Why wouldn’t we?” She looked around at her guests, surrounded by “experts” and said: “Have you ever seen a murderer with such a smiling face?”

This country, where Cihan Kırmızıgül was sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison for covering his face with a scarf, where a little boy was jailed for nine years after stealing some baklava, where the police officer who shot Gezi protester Ethem Sarısülük to death gets sentenced to seven years and nine months in prison...

This country is a barrel filled with victimizations and the state sits on top of the lid. As for those who are pressed inside the barrel, we saw the difference between the ones who descended off the lid and the ones who ascended onto the lid.

What can I say? What should I say?

A man jumped off a bridge, and humanity is dead...