Deaths in Mecca; these are serial killings

Deaths in Mecca; these are serial killings

There is only one way to prevent the hajj tragedies.

Let me say at the beginning what I should say as a conclusion: 

“The hajj is for all Muslims. Therefore, isn’t it a big mistake to leave it to Saudi Arabia, which is inefficiently managing such a huge organization and is not even being accountable?”

There is only one thing to do:

The organization of the hajj should be saved from the inaptitude of Saudi Arabia and left to a professional management system determined by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

They were responsible only a few months ago of the deaths dozens of people at the construction site. They are causing the deaths of hundreds of Muslims each year.


Actually, there are several reasons but I can only name a few of them.

1- They do not know what a democratic civilization is; there is a structure that obeys unconditionally the instructions coming from above. 

2- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia doesn’t let women to work. Had there been female engineers, there would have been a totally different level of scrutiny. 

3- The contractors that get a project are forced to employ unqualified workers.

And that way the disaster is waiting on the doorstep.

Lack of interest, lack of attention and ignorance

No one can hold the king accountable for these tragedies.

A Japanese engineer committed suicide when a worker lost his life on a bridge connecting İzmit and Yalova on the edge of the Marmara Sea. 

Ask if one person from the royal family or the Saudi Arabian administration has taken responsibility after so many catastrophes have taken place.

Has there been a public trial? No.

That’s why I say that if the hajj’s organization is not taken out of the hands of Saudi Arabia’s administration we will see more deaths.

That’s why I am saying the name of this is murder. The Organization for Islamic Cooperation should gather and give it to the Red Crescent or to the joint management of Muslim countries so that these tragedies and pains stop.

At least it must be accountable. 

If the issue is the income from the hajj… one should ask how much of that income was used by the Saudi family for the good of humanity, or for instance for Syrian refugees.

Now you would say, Fatih, are you dreaming?

Yes I am dreaming.

Otherwise I know very well that this arrogant Saudi administration will not let such a thing happen. 

I know that these are the ones who once fled the Kaaba. 

It was left to the Ottomans to protect it.

And I also know that…

It is impossible to expect such a civilized attitude from a mentality that does not even give a permit to women to drive cars.