What does a good citizen expect from elections in Turkey?

What does a good citizen expect from elections in Turkey?

I have been wondering what a good citizen, who has faith in democracy, would expect from the June 7 general elections.

They would expect an outcome that would end the era of fear and pressure.

An outcome that will eliminate polarization and would allow citizens from all corners of the country to embrace each other.

An outcome that will eliminate all corruption and theft, which have become normalized.

An outcome that will save our foreign policy from personal ambitions and obsessions, that will prioritize our national interests and that will reconcile our relations with our neighbors and improve our image, which has been tarnished in the eyes of the world.

An outcome that will enable the reestablishment of a state with true rule of law and a parliamentary system based on the separation of powers, rather than a regime based on one man; a pluralist democracy not a majoritarian democracy.

An outcome that will enable the judiciary, the military, the executive, the intelligence services, and financial instruments not to be in the service of just one man, but at the service of the nation.

An outcome that will unite the divided hearts and minds. An outcome that will again make us one nation.
Hopefully this is the outcome that will come out, and it will be a nice summer...
Things to check after elections

We will not only learn in this election which party got how many votes.

At the same time we will see whether we believe in lies: In no period of Turkish political history has the nation been told so many lies. On Sunday night we will learn whether lying brings in votes or loses votes.

We will see whether insulting women will lose votes: In no election in our political history has a politician insulted women as heavily as has been the case in this election. We will see the electoral consequences of that on Sunday night.

The president and the prime minister have conducted the most aggressive campaign in the past 12 years. In contrast, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) have opted for a calmer, more humorous campaign.

We will see on Sunday night whether the nation prefers calm or anger.

Firsts in this election
For the first time ever, citizens with lower incomes have been promised so many economic pledges.

For the first time since the 1980 military coup era, a president has held election rallies in favor of a party, ignoring his oath of neutrality.

For the first time, we have witnessed a campaign where state means have been used in such an unfair manner and the feeling of “political fair play” has been totally neglected.

For the first time, polls have forecast tight results.

For the first time during an election campaign, criminal complaints have been filed against the editors of two newspapers.

For the first time, a president has held a rally with a Quran in his hands while making political propaganda.