None of my business, but…

None of my business, but…

It is not my thing to say this one should form a coalition with that one…

I definitely will stay clear of it… For me, any party that has been elected to the Turkish Parliament is legitimate and has a right to be a coalition partner. 

Again, as a citizen, I regard it as my right to ask this question. 

Dear friend, 

First: In Germany, in the elections held in 2013, the winning party, the conservative Christian Democrat Party, received 42 percent of the votes. With this percentage of votes, it was able to form the government alone, right?

Second: At same election, the runner-up party, the Social Democrat Party, received some 25 percent of the votes.

Third: These two parties were the biggest rivals for the past 50 years, right? 

But, when it was necessary, they left aside their egos, pasts, ambitions and their determination to settle accounts and formed a coalition government, right? 

Fourth: Isn’t there another party called the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) under the roof of this parliament that is pretty close to the Justice and Development Party (AKP)? 

Well, dear friend. If Germany can make it, why should not Turkey? 

We all know the following very well: AKP Chair Ahmet Davutoğlu wants to form the government and become the prime minister again. Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu wants to take part in this coalition.  

However, we all know very well that if this coalition is not formed today, there is one reason for it and that reason is the person residing in the [Beştepe] Palace. 

The palace has recommended that everybody leave aside their egos but he has not been able to leave aside his own yet. 

This parliament is such that if the Kurdish issue arrives, and the MHP objects, then the AKP, CHP and Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) can get together and solve it. 

If the corruption files of Dec. 17 arrive, then, even if the AKP does not join, the CHP, MHP and HDP can come together and solve it. 

If the topic of the president arrives, then, even if the AKP remains silent, the will of the CHP, MHP and HDP can make the president withdraw to constitutional boundaries. 

If a new constitution is wanted, then for any article of a new draft, a majority can be found. 

There is no excuse to it, my friend; this parliament is one that has a majority to overcome any issue. 

For whom are the new elections

Why then, my dear friend, is a new election being imposed on this nation? For what are we going to hold elections? Why are we going to hold elections? Is there a reasonable reply to this question? No, there is not. 

However, if you ask the question, “For whom and for whose ambition are we going to conduct new elections?” there is a reply for this question. Of course, for the palace. 

The reason is because at the palace, there is still this hope, this ambition: 

“If the AKP increases its vote with two or three points and passes 276 seats by one, then I will be able to lead them and rule this country as if in a presidential system…”