Get IPTV to make your children more creative

Get IPTV to make your children more creative

In Turkey education is one of the main focus areas of the government. The education budget has been increased and new schools and universities have been opened in many cities. The number of university programs is on a steep rise, as is the number of people with university diplomas.

However, these are not the only developments in the education system. There is a move to more religious learning. The government is shutting down regular schools and increasing the number of religious schools (imam hatip) and literally forcing citizens to send their children to a religious school. The government is pulling every trick up their sleeve to make religious teaching more appealing for parents. For example, they have increased the number of religion-related questions in national examinations. They increased the religion-related questions in the history and Turkish sections of the national examinations. They simply say that if you want to get an engineering degree from the best universities in Turkey, you have to know about Muslim religion at an imam level.

The president recently said they would be providing children with a certain way of life starting from nursery.

I am afraid that if the government does what the president says, then the creativity and innovation ratings of Turkey will fall even further down. Right now, Turkey is listed at the bottom of all kinds of education- and innovation-related listings. What we need as a country and what the government wants couldn’t be further from each other. We need an education system that bolsters creativity and individualism whereas the government is keen on a “certain way of life.”

These are the main reasons why the brain drain has started again. Many families are planning to move elsewhere, mainly because of the changes to the educational system.

If you choose to stay, how you can still manage to teach your children creativity? How you can manage to let your children explore the world as it is, not as it is described in religious books?

IPTV is an answer. There are many other different solutions, but IPTV and the contents that you can reach through it can feed your child’s mind if we are going to be living in a country as the current government imagines it.

Recently Da Vinci Learning entered the Turkish market via Turkcell’s IPTV platform TurcellTV+. On their website, they claim that “Da Vinci Learning makes the home a laboratory for enrichment. Programs with fascinating experiments parents and children can do together and intriguing journeys through space and time, create an environment for families to share their adventures in learning. Arousing the curiosity of our viewers is our mission. Providing them with ways to go even further is our commitment.”

In the future IPTV might have even more importance than you would think. It has the potential to have a greater impact on our children than just showing them the latest cartoons. With companies like Da Vinci Learning, we can still give our children a chance to be innovative individuals no matter what kind of environment they will live in.