The PKK lobby at work in Europe

The PKK lobby at work in Europe

“The PKK is fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant [ISIL], but Turkish jets are bombing the PKK.”

This template has started finding supporters and spokespersons around the world. 

People such as Claudia Roth in Germany are disseminating this lie as much as they can, without questioning which ISIL the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is fighting at Turkey’s Dağlıca military post.
The most recent figure to join the chorus was Volker Kauder, who is known for being Angela Merkel’s right hand man. In Spiegel Online, Kauder got carried away and even floated the idea of sending arms to the PKK.

“According to some information, ISIL militants coming from the Turkish side are blocking those who want to flee Kobane,” he wrote, probably not aware that the entire civilian population of Kobane has moved to Turkey.

However, Kauder feels free to comment without restricting himself over whether he sounds ridiculous. He even says, “It is unacceptable for Turkey to bomb PKK positions. We should urgently talk about this matter with our partner at NATO.”

He probably thinks Dağlıca is an ISIL post besieged by the PKK, and Turkey is the traitor that has rushed to the aid of ISIL by bombing PKK positions…

One of the messages of this kind of propaganda is to legitimize the PKK, adding it to the civilized world front fighting ISIL. The other is to suggest that Turkey, by hitting the PKK, is providing indirect support to ISIL's atrocities.

Will the PKK be able to find some kind of immunity for itself by using the perception that it is “fighting ISIL”?

No, it won't be able to find new protectors for itself; it would only encourage its secret sponsors to come out in the open.

You must have heard the reply of the spokesperson of the U.S. Department of State that the situation of the PKK in Turkey was "different" to the PYD resistance against ISIL.

However, Germany thinks differently. Its mind is confused. Imagine, the Greens and the Christian Democrats are saying the same thing. There is a propaganda that works for both of them.

We cannot blame Kandil for taking this opportunity. We should look for those responsible in Ankara and in our embassies in European capitals that have no preparation or strategy against such opportunism.

The PKK lobby has filled the void, and all kinds of lies are being pumped to the media. The dumbest ideas, the most absurd lies are now prevalent across European politics.

What's more, it will be too late tomorrow to correct the wrong and unfair opinions formed today.

Is there a mistake, Mr. Kemal?

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu recently said the following: “If masked men torch a city bus, then catch them and take them to court. Who is stopping you? Apply the laws. It is a crime to put on a mask and torch a bus. You aren't able to catch them, so then you attempt to make new laws just for show.”

But, Mr. Kemal, you can't punish the criminal before catching him. The government is increasing punishments, it is not saying, “Come on, let’s catch the criminal together.”

Let me elaborate for you: The government is saying: “There is no deterrent punishment for putting on a mask and burning a bus. We catch them and take them to court, but they are released through the other door. That’s why we want to increase penalties.”

In other words, the problem is not catching the criminals. The problem is not handing out deterrent punishments. The legislation is being passed in order to regulate this, Mr. Kemal.

Therefore, the question waiting for an answer from you is this: Do you think the current penalties are adequate or not? Should there be more punishments for masked terrorists, Molotov cocktails and bombs?

What do you say, Mr. Kemal?