Open to Cübbeli (capped) Ahmet Hoca, closed to us

Open to Cübbeli (capped) Ahmet Hoca, closed to us

Actually, it was the jet-ski photos that had brought Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü, alias Cübbeli (capped) Ahmet Hoca, down a peg or two. Charges against him such as “instigating white women trade” or bringing women from Morocco and Kazakhstan can only be described as “splitting of the charisma into two.” 
The “Hodja” had interpreted the Aug. 17, 1999 earthquake [where 18,000 people lost their lives] as “My God has struck the nests of adultery.” 

We are waiting for his comments about the latest operation with great curiosity. 

Let’s say “it is only a claim,” and move on to our real topic: As you may know, the Education Ministry decides on which sites millions of teachers and students can or cannot access while using the computers installed in schools. It makes a list of those sites it considers “unfavorable” and blocks access to them. 

For example, the most popular Internet media such as Facebook, YouTube and twitter are banned in schools. 

I was curious and I asked about my own site to a teacher friend of mine. He typed “” into the computer at school. He read what he saw on the screen to me: 
“Access to this site has been blocked by Türk Telekom Inc. upon the request of the Education Ministry because of unfavorable content.” 


My articles are in textbooks, my documentaries are shown in classes but it seems that access to my site from schools is banned.

The same had happened to prominent sociology Professor Emre Kongar before. When he expressed that from the television screen, the Education Minister had explained that it was “impossible to control millions of sites one by one,” so, “We have banned personal sites all together. Even my site is inaccessible.” 

Well, reasonable. 

I asked my teacher friend once more. 
He clicked on the personal site of Mehmet Ali Birand. Accessible.
Uğur Dündar. Accessible. It has to be something else.
Mischief overcame me, I told my friend, “Write down ‘Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca.’”

The site “” is at your service at schools. 
If you wish you can listen to his “productions” or his “TV programs” or send praises to his guest book.
The Cübbeli Hoca [capped hodja] who has been detained with women trafficking and who has a criminal record of “publicly encouraging hostility” is free in schools; I am banned. 
Because I am not considered a “hodja”? 
Because I don’t wear a robe? 

Won’t you ask the site of Fethullah Hoca? I did of course…

You guessed correctly: 

“” is wide open…

Harun Yahya?

Of course, him also “” falls into the category “cannot be found.” 

But the site that contains answers to “Turan Dursun and other atheist writers”, which is “,” is open… 

* * *

Let’s say you are a biology teacher at school and you gave students homework on “Evolution Theory.” You told them to research on the internet. 

When they type “evolution theory” in Google, they will find hundreds of sites related to the lies of the theory and how the theory has collapsed.

They need to search deeper into much further pages to find an impartial assessment explaining the theory thoroughly.

For this reason, recently, homework from students return to teachers with abundance of religious content, just as the encouraged sites contain.

Thanks to the “technologic revolution in education,” soon all students will have tablet computers. 
And they will be able browse the “halal Internet filtered of the haram.”

How nice, isn’t it? 

Can Dündar is a columnist for daily Milliyet in which this piece appeared Dec. 11. It was translated into English by the Daily News staff.