‘Observing at Point Zero’ at 5th edition of Sinopale

‘Observing at Point Zero’ at 5th edition of Sinopale

‘Observing at Point Zero’ at 5th edition of Sinopale

The International Sinop Biennial, Sinopale is being organized under the title, ‘Clusters and Crystals: Observing at point zero.’ It will continue until Aug. 31.

The 5th edition of Sinopale, the International Sinop Biennial, kicked off on July 12 in the town of Sinop. This year Sinopale is organized under the common title, “Clusters and Crystals: Observing at point zero.” The “Clusters and Crystals” refer to our immaterial and environmental commons and the “immeasurability of the common, which constitutes the very fabric of the making and unmaking of being.” With ethnographic and archeological enthusiasm, Sinopale explores the material traces of clouds and clusters of knowledge formations and their embodiments and metamorphoses in the local. 

Curated by T. Melih Görgün, Dimitrina Sevova, Emre Zeytinoğlu, Aslı Çetinkaya, Işın Önol and Elke Falat, this edition of the event is dedicated to taking care of different methods in learning, supporting alternative community education and providing equal access to art and knowledge that is produced on site.

The Biennial exhibition takes place at the Sinop Hall, a former post-office, the Istanbul Hotel, as well as various alternative venues such as antique houses and shops in the town of Sinop.

During the biennial, simultaneously parallel events spill out into the entire town of Sinop. Among the events are Sinopale Film, which is a program of open-air film screenings; Sinopale Documentary, which includes a documentary titled, “The Architecture of Red Vienna, 1919-1934;” Sinopale Academy, a series of workshops and seminars which includes the participation of artist; ad Sinopale Kids, which includes workshops for children.

This year, Sinopale Summer School will host the staff and students of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Urban and Regional Planning from Istanbul, for a two week research program.

The biennial will continue until Aug. 31.