Number of users of Beyoğlu Digital Library on rise

Number of users of Beyoğlu Digital Library on rise

Number of users of Beyoğlu Digital Library on rise

The Beyoğlu Digital Library managed to attract the attention of book lovers within a short time after its opening. The number of users of the digital library, which offers more than 28,000 books of more than 400 publishing houses online, has reached 3,000.

The library, which was opened in May this year by the Beyoğlu Municipality, attracted great attention as it has become an important digital platform bringing together people who could not go to libraries due to the pandemic with books they want.

The average number of books per reader reached 37 in the digital library, which broke a record with the number of more than 10,000 pages per month.

The digital library, where every age group can access information quickly and easily offers content in 28 different categories, from law to health sciences, from economics to language and literature and from architecture to engineering.

By downloading the Beyoğlu Municipality Library Application to their mobile phones and tablets from the IOS and Android markets, users can access its content 24 hours a day. The library offers free access to more than 28,000 Turkish e-books from more than 400 publishers, and also attracts great attention with the newly added audio book feature.

Users can create their own libraries

There are also many features in the digital library that enable users to easily access information. A publication can be used and borrowed by an unlimited number of users at the same time.

They can create a private account on the system. The digital library, which has search options, also offers the users the opportunity to take notes and continue reading from where they left.

Another important feature is that users can customize their main tabs and create their own libraries according to their interests.

Another feature of the Digital Library is that it offers users the opportunity to include PDF, ePub and video content into the system and assign them to any user group. In addition, users can monitor and report reading sessions, books read, current usage information and video views from the management panel.