No one can stand before power of national will: Erdoğan

No one can stand before power of national will: Erdoğan

No one can stand before power of national will: Erdoğan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Sept. 13 said Turkey has shown that the power of national will can withstand any kind of attack against the country.

“We have shown the whole world that neither tutelage nor social engineering calculations nor terrorist organizations nor coups can stand before the power of the national will,” he said, speaking at the centennial anniversary celebration program of the Sakarya Victory.

Turkey didn’t get to this point that easily as the country was “harassed from all sides to divert its attention from its goals,” Erdoğan said while stressing that his government has overcome these with the support of the nation.

“In the restructuring process of the global, political and economic system, we, as Turkey, always turn to the future and determine the direction and move towards it. Undoubtedly, the culmination of these steps is the 100th anniversary of the establishment of our Republic, which we will be qualified for on Oct. 29, 2023, without any worries,” he stated.

Some countries cannot “bear even one of the attacks” that Turkey has faced, and every extraordinary situation that has been experienced in the last period, from pandemic to natural disasters in Turkey, makes this picture even more evident, Erdoğan emphasized.

“We stand tall thanks to the power of thousands of years of state tradition behind us,” he added.

“Now, we are more confident in ourselves; we look to our future with more hope,” Erdoğan said, noting that the People’s Alliance, formed by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), are walking towards the future with more confidence.

“The main thing for us is the will of our nation: One nation, one homeland, one state and one flag. We know that like any victory we have won since the [battle of] Malazgirt [Manzikert], this will not be easy,” Erdoğan said, referring to a battle between the armies of the Seljuk Turks and the Byzantine Empire that took place on the plain of Manzikert (Malazgirt) in what is now Muş in eastern Turkey, which paved the way for both the Ottoman Empire and the modern Republic of Turkey.

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