NFT collection aims to save endangered bees in Turkey

NFT collection aims to save endangered bees in Turkey

NFT collection aims to save endangered bees in Turkey

A social-responsibility project has been launched to mitigate the threat of Turkey’s recurring wildfires and protect the country’s diverse coastal regions.

By bringing together the right stakeholders for a common cause, the “Beeing Hope” project seeks to heal Turkey’s fire-scorched ecosystems, protect endangered bee populations and help resuscitate local pine honey production.

Within the context of the project, an art exposition will be generated by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are units of data stored on a blockchain.

Featuring 10,080 pieces of digital artwork by 28 visual artists, the “beeinghopenft” collection is being billed as the very first Turkey-hosted art show to adopt a thoroughly multidisciplinary approach.

A significant portion of the income generated by the project, which is initiated by the sponsorship of Le Petit Marseillais Turkey, will go toward raising public awareness about the issue and supporting eco-friendly initiatives throughout the country.

Last summer’s destructive forest fires, which ravaged Turkey’s fertile Mediterranean and Aegean regions, left an indelible mark on the local ecosystem and devastated several local industries.

According to the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), an estimated 203,000 hectares of forest in Turkey were destroyed by wildfires last year alone.

The destruction directly affected beekeepers, who have lost thousands of hives as well as pine trees and insects their bees depend on.

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